Online Media (OSINT) Research - Intermediate

This is a more in-depth three-day course which follows on from the Transmedia one-day introduction course. The World Wide Web has become so complex and overloaded with data that it has become a refined skill to navigate and uncover deep data on the web effectively and legally. This course is designed for the researcher to effectively and lawfully comb the Internet for all the available data on a particular subject, from the deep web to deleted data and files. No virtual stone is left unturned. The ideal attendee for this course is someone who works in the media industry, company vetting or news desks, either to uncover ‘lost’ data, or obtain as much as they can from an individual’s digital footprint, but more importantly their historic and hidden digital shadow. Target audiences: the people most likely to gain from this open source course are publishing media companies, both news and online digital entities; Television media researchers and staff, and Open source research organisations.

Social networking data gathering

Open source tradecraft and methods

Legal considerations

Deep web searching

Historical data mining

Identifying targets from images

Profile building and analysis

Geolocation of targets, devices, footprints


London Greenwich

Monday 16 to Wednesday 18 July 2018


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London Greenwich

Monday 17 to Wednesday 19 September 2018


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