Microsoft Sharepoint Administrator 2013 Site Administration for End Users

This course provides you with the knowledge required for a Site Administration role. You will create, customise and manage SharePoint 2013 sites within a site colletion in response to the differing needs of your site members and visitors, and according to the infrastructure of the business. You will identify the roles and expectations of a site owner and a site collection administrator. You will see how to manage sites and users by defining permissions, structure, content and policy. You will see how to gather information about the site’s usage as a means to maintain the site and identify where improvements can be made. The course is aimed at end users, knowledge workers and managers who have the responsibility to manage teams and information within the SharePoint Sites. This course is not aimed at a technical audience, but at end users who will appreciate some technical background information.

Essential Concepts in Web Design

Introduction to Sharepoint Designer

Creating a new site

Adding content

Using Tables

Navigating your site

Using Cascading Style Sheets

Page Layout




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