Basic Video Production - Shooting and Editing

Aimed at anyone with a requirement to shoot and edit professional quality video content, this three day course starts by looking at the basic video camera technology and how to capture general footage and record interviews. Day two covers hands-on shooting and on Day 3, we stay in the studio, editing footage using a professional editing software, adding sound, titles and voiceovers, and finally learning how to deliver the result in the required format, whether for web or broadcast delivery. On scheduled courses, the editing software used is Adobe Premiere Pro. For private training, delegates can choose to work with Apple Final Cut Pro or iMovie if preferred.

Day 1: Video Pre-Production and Production

The Thinking Process




Good shots

Appropriate Illustrative Material

Framing Shots

Crossing the Line


White Balance

Setting up for an interview

Basic Lighting Set-up


Day 2: Shooting Content

Day 3: Editing / Post Production

Trimming clips using The Ripple Tool


London Greenwich

Wednesday 30 to Friday 01 June 2018


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London Greenwich

Wednesday 25 to Friday 27 July 2018


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