App Development with Swift 4

From Playgrounds to protocols, discover, explore, and demonstrate how to use the fundamental building blocks of the Swift programming language. This 5-day, hands-on course is designed to teach you the basic concepts of Swift programming, including syntax, logic, structures, functions, and patterns. It also includes detailed explanations of language syntax and coding exercises. You will also learn how to build and run your first apps on iOS using the Swift programming language. Discover and learn common tools, technologies, interface elements, and design patterns used to build iOS apps. The course includes detailed explanations of iOS technologies, hands-on use of Apple’s development tools, and coding exercises in Swift that use common iOS frameworks. Upon completion of the App Development with Swift course, students will: Learn how to use Xcode Playgrounds to write Swift code Learn common programming patterns used in Swift Learn keywords and vocabulary used by the Swift language Learn how to build native apps using the iOS SDK Learn how to use Xcode and the Simulator Learn how to use common navigation patterns and UI controls [Note: This course is a combination of APL-DEV100-040 and APL-DEV105-110 taught in the same week]

Introduction to Swift and Playgrounds

Constants, Variables, and Data Types


Control Flow













Interface Builder Basics

Displaying Data

Controls in Action

Auto Layout and Stack Views

Segues and Navigation Controllers

Tab Bar Controllers

View Controller Life Cycle

Building Simple Workflows

Model View Controller

Table Views

Intermediate Table Views

Saving Data

System View Controllers

Building Complex Input Screens

Working with the Web: HTTP and URLSession

Working with the Web: JSON Serialization

Working with the Web: Concurrency


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